Request for Proposals

Kennebec Valley Community Action Program (“KVCAP”) is seeking proposals from qualified Contractors to provide flooring installation services at our Educare Central Maine facility, located at 56 Drummond Ave. Waterville ME 04901.

Proposals will be accepted at KVCAP, 101 Water Street, Waterville Maine, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Proposals will be accepted up to and no later than 3:00 p.m., Friday, October 20th, 2023. A pre-bid meeting will be held on Wednesday October 11th at 9am.

  1. Project Goal

The successful firm will provide flooring installation services for KVCAP Educare Facility. Actual work will be coordinated with the Facilities Director or their designee and the Contractor.

Questions about this RFP should be directed to:

Michael Taylor, Facilities Director

(207) 861-2089

  2. The Contractor shall provide all labor, tools, related services required for the performance of the contract and may be required to provide all materials.
  3. The Contractor will assist with the selection of flooring products. Upon request the Contractor will provide flooring samples for selection purposes prior to approval. Upon request the Contractor shall provide layout plans, work plans, and written schedules to be approved by the Facilities Director, or their designee, prior to work commencing.
  4. This work will be performed in an active early childhood (infant to age 5) school environment. Active work areas will be sectioned off to allow contractor unrestricted access.
  6. The Contractor shall carefully field measure and check all areas designated to receive floor coverings and vinyl cove base. Requests for extra compensation will not be approved for measurement or take-off errors by the Contractor.
  7. The Contractor’s project manager will meet with the Facilities Director or their designee as often as required, and no less than twice weekly, for the purpose of reviewing progress and providing necessary guidance.
  8. The Contractor shall be responsible for complying with local, state codes, KVCAP policy’s and OSHA regulations while working at the Educare facility.
  9. The Contractor shall comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for all flooring products and installation materials.
  10. Proposers may include pricing for furniture moving should they offer the service. It will not be a requirement for contract award.
  11. Surface Preparations: Contractor shall prepare existing floors prior to install, the floor must be swept clean of all loose debris. Damp mop floor and allow to dry ensuring all debris is removed for a proper install. All cracks, holes and damaged areas will be leveled and smoothed with material that complies with manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure warranty terms.
  12. Install flooring under open-bottom obstructions and under removable furnishings, into alcoves and closets of each space.
  13. Run flooring to walls, columns and cabinets so the entire floor area is covered with flooring material. Install transition strips at all openings and doors wherever flooring terminates, unless indicated otherwise. Prior to installation, the Contractor shall notify Facilities Director or their designee about all other obstructions which may occur.
  14. Cutting shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, using the tools designed for the flooring being installed. Remove all debris from job site and dispose of properly.
  15. Nosing/Termination strips shall be used as required and agreed upon prior to construction. Substitutions must be approved by the Facilities Director or their designee.
  16. Cove base shall be adhered direct to designated surfaces after flooring is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions.
  17. Guarantee/Warranty Work: The Contractor shall guarantee all workmanship against defects in installation for a period of one (1) year from date of final acceptance by the Facilities Director or designee. Upon written notice from the Facilities Director, the Contractor shall, at own expense, promptly correct/replace any and all improper work that may become apparent within one (1) year.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of all information provided. To evaluate capability for completing the work as outlined in this RFP, each proposal should provide detailed responses to each of the following requirements as listed here:

  1. Proposals shall include a thorough description of your company’s ability to provide a multitude of flooring options and the warranties that accompany them.
  2. Proposals shall include Exhibit A- Pricing Proposal
  3. Proposals shall include Exhibit B- List of Subcontractors
  4. Proposals shall include Exhibit C- List of References
  5. Proposals shall include Exhibit D- Proof of general liability insurance

(KVCAP will be named as additional insured upon award of bid)