Head Start Policy Council

What is Policy Council?

Policy Council consists of selected classroom parents/caregivers from all centers and acts as a governing body for Head Start. The Policy Council members help plan and develop program goals, approve various policies, as well as approve budget and work plans. By seeking ways to enrich their child’s experience in Head Start, parents/caregivers also learn about nutrition, budget management, and the various concepts of child development and child rearing. Whether or not you are a representative, all parents have an open invitation to attend Policy Council meetings. Monthly meetings are scheduled November through August.

Current Policy Council Representatives

  • Albion Preschool
  • Canaan Preschool
  • Clinton Preschool
  • Early Head Start:Child Care Partnership, Rajel Hippler
  • Educare Central Maine Full-Day, Rick Dugal
  • Educare Central Maine Full-Day, Mary-Gene Rumery
  • Educare Central Maine, Part-Day, Ashley Beaulieu
  • Fairfield Preschool
  • HomeBased
  • Mill Stream Preschool
  • North Elementary Preschool, Kristeena Guess
  • Skowhegan Early Head Start, Alexis Knox
  • Somerset Preschool
  • Community Rep Albion, Ryan Riopell
  • Community Rep Albion, Ryan Savery
  • Community Rep Waterville, Bryan Deleonard
  • Community Rep Waterville, Kristen Gammon

How do I become a member of Policy Council?

Parent Representation – Each program has a Center Parent Committee. Parent representatives for Policy Council will be elected from the respective center parent committees prior to the November Policy Council meeting. Parent representatives must have child(ren) enrolled in KVCAP’s Head Start program.  If you are interested, please reach out to your Family Services Coordinator.

Community Representation – Any parent or staff person can submit to the Policy Council names of representatives of major agencies and/or community, civic, or professional organizations, which have a concern for children, and who can contribute to the program as community representatives on the council. Policy Council must approve such representation.  If you know of a community member who would like to be considered for the Policy Council, please reach out to your Family Services Coordinator.

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