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Home Energy Saving Measures

The Department of Energy and Home Energy Assistance Weatherization Programs (DOE/HEAPWx) are blended together to install energy saving measures in HEAP eligible homes to conserve energy and heating costs.

A qualified Home Energy Auditor visits to do an assessment of the home’s energy use and loss, heating system efficiency, and air quality with the use of a blower door test, infrared digital camera, and home inspection. Homes are weatherized based on priority until funding is depleted each year.

A qualified contractor will install the energy saving measures that the Home Energy Auditor determines are needed such as:

  • General air sealing and caulking
  • Weather-striping and door sweeps
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Chimney bypasses
  • Insulation of box sills in basements

The above items may or may not be installed in the home depending on the Energy Auditors findings.


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