poverty action coalition members group photo

Poverty Action Coalition

The Poverty Action Coalition (PAC) is a group of concerned individuals and organizations who came together to address barriers to prosperity in Waterville, Maine. Our mission is to promote opportunity in our community through partnership, awareness, access, and advocacy.

Our Work

The Poverty Action Coalition’s first initiative is called Community Investors. The Community Investors Initiative is intended to help people in Waterville achieve or maintain financial stability. A committee of representatives from KVCAP, Waterville General Assistance, Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter and AOS92 vets requests from service providers in each of these agencies on a weekly basis.

Any request that comes to the committee must meet specific guidelines. For example, the request must assist Waterville residents who are living below the poverty line and cannot have their need met by other services in town. Once the committee approves a request, it is e-mailed to a list of community members like you who want to make a difference in their neighbor’s lives. We refer to the people on our list as our Community Investors. Investors can make either monetary or material donations to help fill a request. Community Investors began in March of 2015. Our e-mail list is over 200 Investors strong, but we are always looking for more people to join us. If you are interested in becoming a Community Investor, please send an e-mail to communityinvestors@kvcap.org.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PAC, please contact Cheryl Leonard for our meeting times.

Cheryl Leonard