Housing Counseling

Housing counselors help renters, homeowners and those seeking financial coaching in Kennebec and Somerset counties to improve their personal financial health while strengthening communities.

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KVCAP is a Full-Cycle Homeownership Center with staff certified in areas including financial capability, pre-purchase, homeownership education, post-purchase homeownership education, rental counseling, foreclosure services and eviction intervention.

Housing Counseling Services Offered: 
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Keep Your Home

Foreclosure: If you are a homeowner struggling to pay your mortgage, our compassionate HUD certified housing counseling staff will help you to improve your situation through one-on-one counseling free of charge. Support may be provided to design a personalized budget, understand your finances, navigate Maine’s foreclosure process (paperwork, mediation and communication with attorneys), review documents and negotiate with mortgage companies.

Non- Delinquency Post Purchase:  One-on-one counseling free of charge to ensure successful homeownership and home retention. Assistance in financial management, preparation for home maintenance including the homeowner’s rights and obligations, repair or improvements as well as creating a safe living space. Includes strategies for energy efficiency, home equity loans or refinancing and the process of selling your home.

Rental Housing & Eviction Intervention: One-on-one counseling free of charge to focus on the specific needs of the individual renter that include spending plans, rental eligibility, locating sustainable housing, accessing funds for security deposit, understanding lease agreement and terms, preparations for the move, fair housing, renters’ insurance, tenant and landlord rights. In addition to addressing landlord-tenant issues, emergency preparation and recovery, and the eviction process.  

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Buy a Home

Pre-purchase: Let us help you become a savvy homebuyer. Our HUD certified counselors will teach participants in one on one sessions how to navigate the homebuying process, manage money, develop a budget and maximize creditworthiness, qualify for and obtain a mortgage loan, get the most out of a home inspection and complete the closing process. An excellent way for all first-time home buyers to learn the ropes of owning a home and educate yourself about one of the most important financial purchases you will ever make. Your lender may require you to take a first-time homebuyer education class, you will need to verify the program you take is accepted by your lender.


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Financial Capability: Provides one-on-one counseling free of charge to assist individuals to achieve their financial goals. These sessions are tailored to meet individual financial needs. Financial capability coaching can help you develop a personalized budget, understand your credit, manage debt responsibly, learn how to evaluate loans, credit cards and bank accounts.