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Central Heating Improvement Program/Above Ground Storage Tank

The Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) and Above Ground Storage Tank Program are for eligible home owners to repair or replace heating systems, chimneys, fuel tanks and other components involved in heating their home.

You must be HEAP eligible and, in most cases, own your own home. If you rent and need CHIP assistance, please contact us for more information. Funds are provided by HEAP and Department of Environmental Protection to assist with repair or replacement costs for:

  • Heating system evaluations
  • Burner retrofit
  • Furnace repairs, replacement, and conversions
  • Chimney repair or replacements
  • Tank repairs or replacements

CHIP Assistance Request

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  • Have you applied for and received HEAP Fuel Assistance within the last 12 months? * Required
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  • If you Own, can you provide a current tax bill in your name?
  • Do you have another way to heat your home? * Required
    For example do you have a secondary heat system or source such as wood or pellet stove, electric space heaters or propane monitor heaters