Other Resources For Families

Here you’ll find additional Kennebec Valley resources, trainings, and volunteer opportunities for both families and children. Contact us to learn more.

Mandated Reporter Training

This class is geared towards helping you understand your role as a mandated reporter, while you learn how and where to report observed abuse. Classes are available in Kennebec and Somerset Counties. See more on Mandated Reporter Training.

Maine Car Seats

Connecting parents with safe, secure car seats for children. KVCAP is now the distribution center for the local Maine Car Seats Program. Learn more about Maine Car Seats.

Understanding Your Baby’s Crying

An excellent resource for new parents, the Period of PURPLE Crying helps parents understand that this delicate time in their babies life is a normal part of every infant’s development. Learn more about the Period of PURPLE Crying.

Discovery Playgroups

A free fun family activity with hands-on activities, healthy snacks, family workshops and more. Learn more about Discovery Playgroups.

Volunteer Opportunities

Each year we have more than 28,000 hours of volunteer time given to our programs. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.