COVID-19 Rent Relief Assistance

The MaineHousing COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is for renters who cannot afford to pay their rent due to circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic. The program is designed to provide a one time bridge payment of up to $500. You may qualify if you are unable to pay your rent due to circumstances related to the coronavirus. Examples include being laid off, having your place of employment closed, reduced hours of work, having to stay home to care for your children because your day care or school has closed, or other loss of income due to the pandemic. If you can not show a loss of income due to COVID-19, you are not eligible for for Rent Relief Assistance at this time.

The applicant is the Renter and the benefit is paid to the Landlord. If the landlord agrees to participate in the program, the landlord is postponing the balance of the payment, not forgiving it. In addition the landlord is agreeing not to evict the renter for non-payment of rent during the month in which the rental relief payment is made.

Tenants must first click on the link to apply online on the MaineHousing website.

Once a Tenant applies, Landlords are required to complete an Owner Agreement and W-9 Form and return them to KVCAP. They can be emailed to or faxed to (207) 873-3812.

You may qualify if you pay market rent and your current monthly income is less than:

  • $3,696 for an individual
  • $4,833 for a two person household
  • $5,971 for a three person household
  • $7,108 for a four or more person household

If you can afford to pay your rent from income of any sort or from savings or other liquid assets, you are not eligible for this program.

If you live in housing that receives any kind of subsidy, you are not eligible. Examples of this include:

  • If you receive a Section 8 Voucher, live in a Section 8 apartment or receive Rental Assistance from USDA’s Rural Development you are not eligible.
  • If your live in a housing development with a mortgage financed by MaineHousing or a federal agency you are not eligible.
  • If you live in a development/property using low-income housing tax credits you are not eligible.
  • If you live in public housing you are not eligible.

If you have any additional questions regarding the program please click HERE or call us at 859-1604 or 859-1637.