COVID-19 Rent Relief Assistance

Rent Relief update

MaineHousing’s rent relief program ended on December 30th (we will continue processing applications that were received prior to the program ending)   We expect to offer a program later this month which will cover the month of January and future months. 

The recently enacted federal stimulus bill includes additional funding for emergency rental assistance.  Maine’s allocation is $200M.  We are still working our way through the details of the federal stimulus bill.  This rental assistance program will be administered by the U.S. Treasury which is gearing up to establish program guidelines.  But the stimulus bill includes some elements that will greatly improve the delivery of emergency rental assistance such as prospective rent payments for up to 3 months, payment of rental arrears, and housing stability services.  MaineHousing will be making a public announcement once we have defined our new program. 


The COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is for renters who cannot afford to pay their rent due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This program expands upon previous rent relief programs through MaineHousing. You can apply for this expanded program even if you applied and received funds before. This program now includes people who live in MaineHousing financed properties and do not have a Section 8 voucher or receive other governmental rental assistance.

This program is first come, first served and can help cover October, November and December rent. You can apply for up to $1000/month for each month, even if you received funds in other rounds of the program.

You may apply for October, November and December rent as funding allows.

Renters apply and the benefit is paid directly to the landlord/property management company. Landlords/property managers agree to postpone the balance of the payment, not forgive it, when they agree to participate. The landlord/property manager also agrees not to evict for non-payment of rent for the month(s) for which the COVID-19 Rent Relief was applied.

**Note: Please list the best contact information for you and your landlord/property manager when applying.

You may qualify if your monthly income is within the income limits identified on the table below and are based on household size and the county in which you live:

You inability to pay rent must have been directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples of changes in circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • having your place of employment closed;
  • reduction in hours of work;
  • having to stay home to care for your children because your day care or school has closed; or
  • other loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you can afford to pay your rent from income of any sort or from savings or other liquid assets, you are not eligible.

Once a Tenant applies, Landlords are required to click on the following links and Download the forms to complete and save an 2020 COVID-19 Rent Relief Oct-Nov-Dec OwnerAgent Agreement Acknowledgement and W-9 Form and return them to KVCAP. They can be emailed as an attachment(s) to or faxed to (207) 873-3812.

If you live in housing that receives any kind of subsidy, you are NOT eligible. Ask your landlord or property manager about other rent relief options that may be available. You are not eligible if you:

  • Get a Section 8 Voucher, live in Section 8 apartments, or receive Rental Assistance from USDA’s Rural Development.

If you have concerns about eviction or have been served with a notice, Pine Tree Legal is offering online information sessions regarding the eviction process every Tues. For more information and the link to the sessions please go to

If you have any additional questions regarding the program please click COVID 19 Rent Relief FAQs or call us at 859-1500.


LANDLORDS if your tenant applied for September or prior months rent please click on the following links and Download the forms to complete and save a 2020 COVID-19 Rent Relief Agreement Sept and Prior and W-9 Form and return them to KVCAP. They can be emailed as an attachment(s) to or faxed to (207) 873-3812.