Energy & Housing Services - About Us

The Vision and Mission of the Energy & Housing Services

Vision Statement

Kennebec Valley Community Action Program’s Housing and Energy Services division will become a comprehensive resource center for prospective homebuyers, homeowners, renters and those struggling with housing issues for homeownership programs, permanent housing placement and energy efficiency strategies. 

Housing and Energy staff will rehabilitate individual homes to help revitalize neighborhoods while promoting individual prosperity.  We will continue to dedicate resources to new construction that serves as a model for green housing standards and design, driving the housing market towards a reduced carbon footprint and ensuring healthy neighborhoods in central and coastal Maine.

While home repairs will move toward the integration of green standards, we will also identify new approaches to housing challenges that are present throughout our service area, such as upgrades to mobile homes and outdated housing stock.  To best learn about these needs, we will build stronger partnerships with municipalities and determine projects where KVCAP can build its local capacities while providing returns on community investments.

We recognize that a homeowner’s toolbox should contain more than just a hammer and nails.  KVCAP will work to educate homeowners and renters of all abilities on home maintenance, energy efficiency and the life skills required for responsible homeownership.  Guiding them through this process helps our clients to be better informed, accountable for choices, accessing the right resources and empowered for economic sustainability.

Mission Statement
Kennebec Valley Community Action Program’s division of Housing and Energy Services is dedicated to supporting affordable housing, promoting sustainable opportunities for homeownership and developing strategies for energy efficiency.  The division actively addresses these needs in the community for those struggling with economic insecurity as well as those working families across the economic spectrum.

As good neighbors in our communities, KVCAP works comprehensively not only in Housing and Energy Services, but collaborates with all its divisions and community partners to turn these houses into homes.  KVCAP believes that a home is more than four walls – it is a place that promotes security, sustainability and opportunity for individuals of all ages that can empower the entire community.

Core Values

The KVCAP Energy and Housing Department approaches the realization of its mission based on a set of core values that drive individual staff efforts and the organization’s work.  These core values are:

·    Developing trust by advocating and caring
·    Going the extra mile for our stakeholders
·    Responding quickly to customer needs
·    “Thinking outside the box” – approaching our work with creativity and flexibility
·    Offering opportunity and personal and professional development of staff
·    Being ethical:  upholding the highest ethics in all aspects of our efforts

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