What's up with the RED NOSES?

May 27, 2016

May 26th was Red Nose Day, a fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc.  Last year the funds raised benefited children in all 50 states and 15 countries internationally through programs to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated.

This year, our very own Trish Walker, a dedicated KVCAP employee, posed a challenge to us all for her birthday.  She set a goal of collecting photos of 100 people wearing red noses. For each photo she would donate $1.00 to the Red Nose Day project and $1.00 to KVCAP’s Hope Fund, up to $100.00 each.

Imagine her surprise when she received 287 people wearing a variety of red noses!

“What started out as something fun and a little silly turned into something beyond my wildest dreams. When I set the goal of collecting photos of 100 people wearing red noses, I never imagined that we'd get to 100. I can’t believe I received 287,” shared Trish.

As a result, she is sending $100.00 to the Red Nose Day project and generously doubled her donation to $200.00 for the Hope Fund.

“Everyone has inspired me with their commitment to this and by truly embracing the spirit of community action and helping our neighbors,” said Trish.

What an amazing outpouring of support!

To view a short, inspiring, red-nosed video, click here.

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